About the Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and 5 at large members.  The officers are elected by the entire active membership and serve two-year terms.  The at large members are elected by the Representative Council and serve three-year terms.


The bylaws establish that the duties of the Executive board include:

  • Coordinate the activities of the Association
  • Act for the Representative Council when school is not in session
  • Direct the bargaining activities and grievance processing of the Association, subject to policies set by the Representative Council
  • Approve appointment and removal of bargaining team members
  • Recommend a budget for the Association to the Representative Council
  • Approve Committee appointments
  • Adopt and apply the Standing Rules for the Association
  • Exercise all the business and organizational powers and duties for the Association as prescribed by law and these bylaws, subject to any restrictions that may be imposed by the Representative Council
  • Serve as voting members of both the Executive Board and the Representative Council
  • Change stipends of elected officials by a majority vote, if necessary. Any change will become effective only at the beginning of the new term of office
  • Direct the bargaining activities of the Association, subject to the policies established by the membership and the Representative Council
  • Approve the appointments of the Chair and Treasurer of Grossmont Board Election Committee (GBEC)
  • Determine the filing of grievances to Level IV or arbitration upon a majority vote
  • Agree/disagree to requests for membership exceptions for individuals who wish to pay their dues to an organization other the association (i.e. conscientious objectors)